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HOM Plumes G-String 359931

Men wear thongs because the give a smooth fit with tight jeans, are comfortable when you get the right one and they give you light support. Thong g-strings are popular because of this as well, just with less material. Cotton, microfiber, mesh and silk g-strings are easily found throughout the selection of thongs at hisroom.com. Not only will you feel comfortable, but a g-string adds a sexy look. G-strings come in many different vibrant colors, prints and styles, too. You can for sure find the one for you. It can be your little secret. No one has to know why your clothes look so smooth and you look so good. G-strings can feel like a second skin so you'll feel like you are going commando. G-strings often have great supportive contour pouches so you are comforted and protected. Narrow elastic straps often do the rest of the work while keeping you comfortable and ridding of lines.