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Etiquette Clothiers has the feel of the best of everywhere. These are the world's most proper basics, which is why Etiquette never looks out of place, but it certainly stands out. The boldly restrained designs give the brand the feel of a forward-looking today that, no matter how many years may pass, will never look like yesterday. The impeccable sophistication that Etiquette strives for informs everything they make- how it looks, what it's made of, and how it's made. Only the very best luxury materials and fine craftsmanship are applied to create each piece of Etiquette's new standard-setting basics. Etiquette can find a place in anyone's life. Any one of Etiquette Clothiers fine furnishings can elevate and round out any look. It doesn't matter if you're embracing the rawest street style or adhering to the finest traditions of menswear- Etiquette men's underwear is always appropriate. And now you can outfit your life with the latest styles from Etiquette Clothiers at HisRoom.

Etiquette Clothiers was founded in 2011 in New York City. Their "slow-wear philosophy" was born out of the idea that every piece that a man utilizes in his life should put quality ahead of quantity. Many have seen the wisdom in this line of thought. Etiquette Clothiers has been featured in all the finer men's magazines (such as GQ, Esquire, Details, Monocle, The Fader, InStyle, and many other venerable masthead names) throughout the world as a brand to look for and cherish. The refinement of each garment's appearance is echoed in its fit and feel. The exceptional fabrics and careful attention to detail really come to life every time you step into one of Etiquette's trunks, boxers, briefs, or socks, and you may or may not be surprised to find that whatever Etiquette piece you're wearing really makes your look.