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"Made in USA." Few brands can say that, but Donn Mason is one of them. It's important to them, and if it's important to you then you should pick up a pair of their 100% American-made mens underwear. But don't just buy Donn Mason underwear because it's made in the USA. You should buy it because it's impeccably made with some of the best materials out there. Whether you're a basics man or you want something different you can get what you're looking for from Donn Mason at HisRoom.

You may be asking "what's with the books?" Well Donn Mason was founded in 2003, and takes its cues from the early 1900's. Men took more pride in their appearance in those days. They knew that to dress well you had to dress all the way- from your underwear out. What men knew in those days came from experience, or books. It's in the spirit of bygone knowledge and methods of educating oneself that Donn Mason has taken up the book as it's mascot, because Donn Mason underwear can teach a man something he may not know already: "if you look good, you feel good."

All of Donn Mason's knit underwear is made of a fine, soft blend of modal and cotton with spandex for a comfortable, seamless fit that doesn't cling. After wearing one of Donn Mason's boxer briefs, trunks, or briefs you'll understand that the right pair of underwear can change your whole mood and approach to the day. You'll get the best in consistent comfort and support because all of Donn Mason's knit underwear features smooth, fabric-covered elastic waistbands and contour pouch fronts. These are comfotable basics with dignity- that look just as good as your button-up because the same care and quality has been applied to it as well. You can step into a pair of Donn Mason's every morning and expect the same comfort and fit each time. A lot of thought is put into Donn Mason underwear so that you never have to give your underwear another thought. You just grab a fresh pair out of the drawer and go.

For some men though, they want the same fit and feel because they'll know what to expect and what works for them, but they want more variety. Well there's nothing more versatile than a pair of boxers. Prints and tricks and gimmicks on boxer briefs don't always look right, but a pair of boxers can do as many things as a dress shirt. It can be as loud and vibrant or calm and assured as you want. Truth be told, these boxers are probably nicer than your dress shirt. Not only has Donn Mason gone back to the well to find old school prints and fabric styles that look fresh for today, but the boxers themselves are made of premium fabrics for softness and durability. All Donn Mason underwear is made in America with the dedication to the belief that underwear should be made as well as any other clothing because it's the most part of your wardrobe. After all, "it's the first thing you put on in the morning, the garment closest to your body throughout the day and the last thing that your companion sees before you get into bed." Clad yourself in Donn Mason underwear from HisRoom.