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Most men's first underwear is a plain, white pair of traditional, flat-front briefs. These classic fly-front briefs are great basics, but briefs have become more sophisticated in the last decade. The introduction of the contour pouch has dramatically affected the underwear market. In fact, contour pouch briefs have become incredibly popular. So much so that contour pouches on briefs have become a dominant feature on briefs, but they would never really take hold until fly-fronts were introduced into contour pouches. We become used to fly-front. The convenience they offer is hard to do without, and since most contour pouches are flyless this makes them an unattractive proposition for many brief-wearers. Despite contour pouches offering enough room for comfort, and an improved feeling of support, men would rather do without, but they don't have to. Contour pouch briefs have been made with fly-fronts for some time now. A fly front and a contour pouch actually blend together very well and very easily. A contour pouch is usually defined by the contour seam running down its middle. A fly-front is an opening that is usually located on the brief wearer’s right. Neither design feature gets in the way of the other. Not even in the case of Munsingwear’s kangaroo fly-front contour pouch, which features a horizontal opening at the top of the pouch. There are plenty of contour pouch fly-front briefs to choose from that are available from a variety of brands.