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In the enhancement category, a brief with a contour pouch can either be the enhancement feature, or a nice addition to the brief for the sake of comfort. Many enhancement contour pouch briefs provide the wearer with a more prominent profile appearance. This is accomplished in several ways. The simplest is that, rather than resembling a "U" with a longer side, the contour seam is designed as a "U" on its side so that your profile is pushed out further and pulled up higher. Some companies, such as Cin2, Joe Snyder, Gregg Homme, and Intymen, have built in different kinds of support systems in their enhancement contour pouch briefs to amplify the effect as much as possible. Several feature a "porthole" entry to the pouch that you place your package though to achieve a more prominent profile appearance. Others have a sling or elastic loop built into their contour pouch briefs to give you an enhancement lift. Some enhancement contour pocuhes provide the effect, but don't sustain it. Anatomically-minded brand Obviously For Men delivers what appears as a more prominent profile in their attempt to create the most comfortable brief underwear possible. Since enhancement can mean many thing this brief category also includes shapewear. The 2xist and Spanx shapewear briefs offer streamlining enhancements with the contour pouch as a comfortable, basic underwear addition. Most enhancement contour pouch briefs are flyless.