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Speedo has made such a mark on the history and innovation of swimming and watersports that just the name "speedo" likey conjures the image of a very specific kind of swimsuit, and more than likely it's in the context of a competition. Speedo is more than just a compact, totally functional swim brief though. This Australian-born brand offers as wide a range of swimwear as any company, with multiple options within options so that you can find exactly what you like and are looking for in a swimsuit. Speedo's boardshorts come with fully traditional features like rigid waistbands, or are hybrids with poritons of elastic in the waistband and mesh brief liners. The same is true of their regular swim shorts, trunks, and briefs. Naturally the simple, functional beauty of their classic Speedo Solar 1" Solid Brief 7300120 remains the same as ever. This classic Speedo swim brief style has been a part of Olympic gold medal victories for decades now, and that's because Speedo has built its name on the constant pursuit of innovation in the name of reaching the highest level of performance the human body is capable of. Time and again they and top athletes like Michael Phelps have topped themselves and thrilled the world with what is now possible. Find out what you're capable of in Speedo's innovative, performance-driven swimwear.

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