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For Patagonia, it's all about the love of the wild and beautiful places, coupled with a need to participate in the fight to save them. Patagonia's mission statement is "Build the best product. Cause no unnecessary harm. Inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." They refelct that in their athletic products by taking hold of the means of production. Patagonia sources its cotton from organic growers and has voluntarily submitted its manufacutring processes to a high, independent, international standard. By closely monitoring and controlling what the clothing is made of, and how it is made, Patagonia can honestly say that it makes a better product, because it's better for you, the customer. Years ago, before Patagonia embraced such exacting standards, the sales associates in a new store in a renovated bulding with poor ventilation began complaining about headaches and other ailments. It was determined that the cause was the formaldehyde and other chemicals used to make the t-shirts. The vapors alone were making people sick. Rather than just fix the ventilation and go about their business Patagonia stepped back and looked at everything they were doing. From there they have set an example for the enire performance and outdoor lifestyle industry. There is no better product in terms of performance and quality than Patagonia.

  1. Patagonia
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  2. Active Sportswear
    Active Sportswear 3 styles
  3. Baggies
    Baggies 1 style
  4. Capilene Cool
    Capilene Cool 4 styles
  5. Capilene
    Capilene 2 styles
  6. Logo Wear
    Logo Wear 9 styles
  7. Outerwear & Fleece
    Outerwear & Fleece 5 styles
  8. Performance
    Performance 1 style
  9. Performance Underwear
    Performance Underwear 5 styles
  10. Alpine
    Alpine 1 style
  11. Micro Puff
    Micro Puff 1 style