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Obviously is one of the first brands to seriously address the comfort level of men's underwear, and then dramatically change things for the better. Obviously achieves the goal of anatomically correct underwear with its uniquely designed pouch.  A u-shaped seam forms the base of the pouch which is designed to fit directly behind your bits, ensuring a snug fit and separation necessary to eliminate the discomfort of regular underwear. Your anatomy doesn't come into contact with your leg, which means you'll experience a higher level of comfort throughout the day than you would with regular underwear - even underwear with a contour pouch. The pouch fits around you for a comfortable hold that you won't notice thanks to the careful blend of lightweight microfiber fabrics that give you both softness and stretch. This remarkable underwear has impressed men of all ages to the point that they've sworn off underwear they've worn their entire lives in favor of Obviously, a real improvement on mens pouch underwear. The comfort level, hold, and support that Obviously's underwear offers is so remarkable that it puts it into a category all its own. Experience what true comfort truly feels like with Obviously's full line of underwear - including briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs and jocks.

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