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Lounging around the house isn't usually done in an elegant ballgown. When you think of the ultimate level of comfort the thought of soft fabrics and flowing robes come to mind. This is what Unmentionables sleepwear brings to women. The women's sleepwear pieces are available in many different colors and styles. Unmentionables are lightweight so it feels as if you have nothing on. The Unmentionables designers know women want to feel like they are surrounded by fluffy clouds when they are lounging or sleeping.

Unmentionables began in 1950 making tricot daywear. They began making sleepwear in 1968. In the 1950s and 1960s many women stayed at home during the day. They could wear robes and sleepwear to stay comfortable all day. In today's society many women work outside of the home, but they can quickly change into Unmentionables upon returning back to the house. The Unmentionables line includes full slips, half slips, sleepwear and camisoles. Plus-size nightgowns go up to size 3X. Unmentionables lingerie is fabricated in tricot and nylon, and many pieces are embellished with lace or embroidered trim. Today the brand is offered throughout the world, and remains a family-owned business.

The soft, flowing designs make Unmentionables a hit whether resting or sleeping. The silky fabric allows a restful, peaceful night's sleep. The designs are classic and comfy, but they can also be sexy. Many women love to throw in their significant other's long, loose t-shirt. The Tricot Sleepshirt has the solution. One woman who bought it said, "I have had a difficult time finding a 'simple' lightweight sleepshirt that was 'lovely' as opposed to 'manly.' This fits the bill. It is very feminine, well made, and lays nicely on the body without being clingy. The fabric has a little weight to it as opposed to being like a tricot slip." When women want to feel sensual, they might choose the Floral Fascination Sleeveless Gown. It features delicate lace and defines your bust line. One woman said, "It is GREAT! I love the stretch fabric at bustline...really so nice to find a pretty nightgown. It has become more and more difficult to find pretty gowns...taking this one to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary."

Other popular choices are the Lace Chemise featuring a lace bodice and waistband, and the Petals Long Sleeve Embroidered Yoke Gown fearing silky soft fabric with a flowy look. Unmentionables even offers pajama sets so you can mix and match. On cold nights some women choose to put on a pair of pajama pants and long-sleeve shirt to sleep. Unmentionables gives women the choice to wear long or short, whatever their mood is that day.

Unmentionables prides themselves on knowing how women love to feel and how they enjoy to look. Women want to be comfortable, but want to look stylish in that comfort. Unmentionables provides them with sleepwear they can wear to bed then get up for breakfast looking like a fashion model. Elegance in a timeless design comes easy with Unmentionables sleepwear.