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Fit is everything when it comes to looking great. If your underwear doesn't fit right, and chances are it doesn't, then the rest of your clothes won't fit right. Tom Patterson, founder of Tommy John, believed in this simple idea so much that he created the Tommy John line of underwear to offer everyone what he couldn't find- an undershirt that took the body into consideration and stayed tucked in. Most undershirts are made of cotton, and as comfortable as cotton is it does not have the stretch or lightness to be an ideal undershirt. As if the materials aren't enough of a hurdle there's also the issue of undershirts cut in a box shape. Few males have a torso shaped like a box, but most undershirts have straight cut sides which leave you with a lot of extra fabric you'll have to fold over and tuck into your pants so that it doesn't create a lot of bulges that will make you look heavier. You might be able to sidestep this problem by wearing a smaller size, but if you do that you run the risk of feeling compressed and squeezed all day long in a tight, uncomfortable undershirt. Also, since you're wearing a size smaller than you need, you'll probably spend most of the day tucking your undershirt back in because it's too short.

Tommy John undershirts fit right up against you for a seamless appearance beneath your dress shirts. Tommy John shirts are cut for a totally fitted, second skin appearance, but a lot of the fit resides with the fabric. Tommy John's microfiber construction of light and soft micro-modal with spandex for stretch allows the undershirt to fit right up against your skin without feeling tight.

Tommy John designs and produces underwear just like their famous t-shirts as well. Their underwear has the brand's signature horizontal fly-front so whether you are right or left-handed you have easy access. Tommy John underwear is made of micro modal and spandex so you get stretch with the ultimate level of comfort.

Tommy John's t-shirts are also made of this amazing micro modal, spandex fabric blend. This lightweight and soft fabric hugs your torso without squeezing you for a perfect fit and all day comfort. You don't just get a great, barely there fit and feeling with Tommy John t-shirts and underwear. Beyond this, the microfiber fabric is designed with moisture managing channels engineered into the fabric. These wicking channels wick moisture away from the body. The moisture is pulled to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates. This creates a cooling sensation that keeps your core temperature regulated. You stay dry and comfortable. Experience all of the care and consideration has gone into the Tommy John line of underwear and undershirts today!