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Thea pajamas are the classic pieces that many think of when it comes to timeless sleepwear. Thea nightgowns, pajamas and sleepshirts are made from a soft lightweight cotton that features embroidery, lace trim and other intricate embellishments. The styles have a distinctly Victorian feel, reminiscent of a time of meticulous hand work and feminine styling. Each of the Thea styles is pure white leaving a fresh, clean feel. When women hit the pillow, it gives them a sense of peace to feel pure and fresh for a good night of sleep.

Thea's roots are different than many others in the lingerie world. In 1989, Thea sleepwear was started by the Thread of Hope for Economic Advancement, an economic and social development organization which prevents the increase of street-children by providing skills training and employment to some of the most destitute families in Manila. Almost 100 home-based seamstresses in Metro Manila and Cavite are behind Thea Inc. Stitching and creating the sleepwear by hand, the women had no idea their creations would spread across the world. What started as a way for women to make nightgowns and support their families turned into a huge company shipping all around the globe. Thea sticks by its roots and continues to support these women and applaud them for making designs to comfort women.

The styles range from short nightgowns to long-sleeve nightshirts and gowns, each in a pristine white. The Thea collection also features short-sleeve and camisole-style gowns, each with its own delicate lace and stitching embellishments. Thea nightgowns, robes and pajamas feature embroideries, lace insets, Swiss entredeux, pin tucks, Victorian bridging. and French seams inside with very small hem stitching. Thea sleepwear is made from 100% cotton, exclusive of the trimming.

Women love the Thea nightgowns for their comfort and versatility. One woman who bought the Poinciana Long Gown, an ankle-length piece, said, "I love this gown! It is of very high quality, and you seldom see intricate needle work of this kind on a gown. I feel very elegant in this gown." Other customers love the ballet-length Alba gown. One customers said, "It floats on my body and is a superb chemise. I could wear a skirt over it and probably treat it as an everyday blouse with underskirt. Comfortable, soft and perfectly fitting." That's right, many of the styles can be worn not only to sleep, but then transform to daywear.

Thea pajamas are as close to handmade as you can get in pajamas. They look and feel like the classic designs many women's great grandmothers wore. A thought of warmth and comfort surround these timeless, turn of the century designs. The flowing styles and delicate lace patterns give a new sense to lounging in pajamas. With Thea pajamas, women can feel as if they are floating on air. Giving to charity while wearing pajamas that feel like fluffy clouds is an idea of perfection for many women when searching for that perfect piece of sleepwear.