Quiksilver Clothing for Men
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Quiksilver arrived on the surfing scene in 1970, showing truly innovative styling even then, with 2 snaps and a Velcro closure to make sure the boardshorts stayed on in powerful waves. Their marketing genius was further confirmed with themed product lines, including Quiksilver Country 1978, Echo Beach and Warpaint. Geometric patterns, bold colors and "bad 'tude" appealed to the mood of the new surfer.  Quick-drying cottons, stretch fabrics and other high-function tech fabrics kept Quiksilver in the forefront of the surfing industry, and the birth of video and home entertainment opened up a new way to market boardshorts and more. "The Performers" was the first surf film to be released for home video, changing the entire surfing film scenario. In the 1990s, Quiksilver produced "Black and White" with Kelly Slater.  In another impressive string of "firsts," the surfing company gave 100% sponsorship to athletes, with Tom Carroll's 1988 contract for one million dollars. They also became the first surf company to bring the surfing touch to skiing and snowboarding. Roxy, their women's surf brand was created in 1990 and has done well since.  Never slow to ride the crest of a trend, they created denim jeans for the surfing set.  Branded concept stores became a new frontier to conquer, and they now have hundreds of stores worldwide.
Quiksilver's boardshorts are artistic and fun, with lots of functional features that make it easier for you to "hang ten" in style. Colorful, energetic prints echo the wild art of surfboards. Most have laced up fronts and hook-and-loop contact fly closures. Pockets frequently have elastic key tethers to keep your small items safe while you surf or swim. Rashguards give you 50+ sun protection and loops to fasten your boardshort.  Tee shirts of 100% cotton give you the comfort and cool designs you need to top your boardshorts or skinny jeans. Polo shirts, tank and hoodies give you even more casual wear options. But you don't have to be a surfer to enjoy Quicksilver's fashions, just a real hip dude.

And last but not least, The Quiksilver Foundation shows their humanitarian, altruistic side with projects including Asian tsunami relief and rebuilding those devastated communities.