P-Jamas Clothing
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P-Jamas is all about creating a sense of peace when lounging, resting and sleeping. This peace is created by producing sleepwear made only from the highest quality of materials. P-Jamas only buys yarns directly from spinners in Peru and has their dye and finish specialist supervise the entire process. P-Jamas is known for the best quality materials, from fine Egyptian cotton to Peruvian Pima cotton. This type of cotton is considered superior to other blends of cotton because it is durable and absorbent. Each thread can be woven multiple times into a piece of fabric creating the softest feel possible. Each P-Jamas fashion is also manufactured with French seams, sewn with 18 stitches per inch. P-Jamas robes and nightgowns strive to bring a level of comfort and style above any other to women wearing them.

P-Jamas was launched by designer Esperanza Diaz Manas in New York in 2000. Manas learned to design from Baron Nicolas de Gunzberg, the mentor to Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass and Calvin Klein. Manas wanted P-Jamas to focus on the classic styling and the best fabrics in timeless sleepwear. Manas did not want anything but the best; thus, the needlework, strict adherence to quality control and exceptional quality lines. The Egyptian cotton is made in the best grade, spun in Switzerland and woven in Italy. The buttons are made of Japanese mother of pearl. Each P-Jamas sleepwear style is made with 60/1 Pima cotton interlock and the wovens are made mainly with 100/2 ply yarn-dyed Pima or Egyptian poplin.

P-Jamas designers believe the best thing about their fabric other than softness is the high-quality cottons used to enhance the durability and wear of the sleepwear. By using these types of cottons, nothing is washed away each time when it is washed. P-Jamas sleepwear promises to have a very long wearing life.

P-Jamas believes strength is in the fabrics. This type of strength will help P-Jamas remain a staple in your sleepwear collection for a lifetime. Since it's strong as well as smooth, a woman's skin will never feel abandoned by comfort.