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Nearly Me provides realistic and comfortable breast enhancement forms and other lingerie accessories to help women feel like themselves again. Usually used after a mastectomy, Nearly Me products help women feel and look better after surgery. The products are made from silicone that molds to breast tissue. This tissue feels like real breast tissue in weight and movement. Nearly Me also offers breast enhancements, attachable nipples and rear enhancement forms and panties. Sometimes it isn't about needing molding after surgery, but about enhancing features to boost a woman's self confidence. Nearly Me strives to meet the physical and emotional needs of women.

The genius behind the Nearly Me products is their creator, Ruth Handler, who not only designed Nearly Me, but she was the inventor of plastic perfection, the Barbie doll. Barbie may be the idea of beauty for many little girls, but she isn't a real woman with real needs. Handler gave the world one of its most famous and beloved toys, but no matter how much she did for toys, she wasn't invincible. Handler was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1970. She had a mastectomy and could not seem to find a reasonable prosthesis. Using her own resources, Handler developed her own. Ruthton Corp. manufactured a more realistic version of a woman's breast, called "Nearly Me." Handler passed away from colon cancer in 2002, but Nearly Me has gone on to manufacture fashion, transgender, and skin care products.

Nearly Me not only offers enhancers made like real breasts, but also the Transform bra line which has wire-free cups of soft mesh with interior pockets to hold the enhancers. Breast forms are available in several shapes and have a protruding nipple for a natural look. The breast enhancers are made of a soft silicone gel and can enhance cleavage as well as add cup size. They are also ideal for women with uneven breasts. Pushup bras have been on the market for years, giving women with small breasts a way to beef them up, but they don't offer the real and natural feel of breast tissue. Some women go for implants, but they come at a high cost. Nearly Me stands as one of the best natural-looking and feeling products for enhancement today. Designers at Nearly Me stress the importance of finding the correct size, shape and weight breast for you. All of this comes together to restore the body's natural balance and alignment in order not to interfere with the spinal column or neck.

Customers say the breast enhancers are not hot or sticky like many on the market. Women say the enhancers gave them confidence to know they looked "even." Other women love the hip and rear panties because they enhance the rear view without making it appear they had curved hips.

Women look best when they feel confident. Nearly Me gives them the opportunity to enhance their lives by enhancing their breasts and rear. Breast cancer might take away her natural breasts, but Nearly Me gives them back.