Marie Jo Lingerie
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Most women want to feel alluring when they walk out to face the world each day. When women put on Marie Jo lingerie, they feel an immediate sense of beauty, elegance and style. This European-quality lingerie prides itself in creating unique, custom-designed, comfortable garments. Marie Jo achieves this quality by making bras and panties with exclusive European fabric and embroidery. Each Marie Jo bra and panty requires work to be done by hand to reach perfection for the everyday woman who puts on this luxurious fabric.

Marie Jo is a creation stemming from Prima Donna lingerie. Prima Donna traces back to 1865 in Germany. Van de Velde of Belgium gained control of Prima Donna in 1990 and began to change its production of primarily only bras for full-busted women to a production of lingerie to “shape the body and mind of women.” In 1981, Van de Velde brought forth Marie Jolie. It later became Marie Jo. In Finland, the Marie Jo design team began testing women of all shapes and sizes to see just what they loved best about lingerie. Marie Jo designers then began to craft lingerie using high quality, hand selected materials with laces, bright colors and extensive detailing. Marie Jo's opaque fabrics and graphic prints quickly put the brand ahead in the world of fashion.

The specialists at Marie Jo consistently pay attention to the fit and quality of their lingerie. Each item receives 30 minutes of manual work before it reaches the warehouse. The fabrics are both hand cut and hand sewn. Marie Jo lingerie is not only sewn with the idea of elegance, but also with an idea of comfort allowing the woman to move freely throughout the day. Marie Jo takes pride in knowing the women who wear their lingerie will walk out the door feeling confident in their own skin. Many of the lingerie products are designed to quickly cross over from day into night. The Avero by Marie Jo collection allows the Marie Jo woman to wear a patterned fabric with embroidered lace and convertible straps. These straps can transform any outfit from day into night. The clean lines and cozy quality allow not only wearers of this collection, but of all other Marie Jo collections to easily wear the lingerie with many types of clothing.

Customers rave about the Marie Jo Avero Padded Convertible Bra, saying the shape gives lift, but provides comfort and security. Other customers say the multi-way straps are the best thing about the bra besides the elegance as the straps are easy to change to fit whatever outfit you are wearing that moment. Customers say after shopping for the perfect lingerie for many years they finally found it in the Marie Jo collection because of the comfort and quality.

Marie Jo is one of the front runners in the world of stylish lingerie. It continues to grow and evolve each day along with the modern woman. Marie Jo boutiques are popping up around the world. Defining style and class, the Marie Jo woman hits the pavement in the morning with a sense of beauty and luxury.