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Tweens and teenagers searching for their first bra can find it in Maidenform Girl. Research shows this age is not looking for a bra with the same support or style as their mothers. They want to be youthful, fun and playful. Maidenform Girl is the first step towards that later Maidenform bra collection. Maidenform Girl bras are bright and light just like young ladies. They are also comfortable for the quality she needs. The bras are constructed with a fabric mix of cotton and spandex, with lining in a poly-spandex mix. Maidenform Girl takes seriously the silhouettes these girls want to make them feel stylish, with a great fit and quality she needs. Young women can choose pick patterned colors including pink, lavender, or gray and sizes ranging from 32 to 36.

Maidenform Girl is a spinoff of the famed brand, Maidenform. Maidenform was founded in New Jersey in 1922 by seamstress Ida Rosenthal, shop owner Enid Bissett and Ida's husband, William. They were tired of the flat-chested designes of the time and began producing bras that accentuated the natural shape of a woman. The name, Maidenform, came from this shape. Maidenform became a household name with their advertising. Risque for the time in the 1950s and 1960s, a partially dressed person wearing only their skivvies would say, “I dreamed I … (insert) in my Maidenform bra.” In the 1970s the brand began marketing the younger generation. The Sweet Nothings bra was the first bra for thousands of American women. The brand is still going strong with the third generation of family management producing lingerie for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Mother and fathers looking for that perfect first bra for their growing daughter often look to Maidenform Girl. There are many different types of bras to choose from to ensure your daughter has the best fit and style she desires. A best-selling collection is the “One Fabulous Fit” collection featuring the classic underwire, strapless and the molded triangle wireless bra. Most of these Maidenform training bras have shallow cups to fit developing breasts. Adult women can order them as well, but we suggest ordering one band size larger than you normally wear.

Customers love the Maidenform Girl bras because they aren't too grown up, but still provide support. One young lady said she was very happy to find these bras because she has a very wide chest, but small breasts. She was tired of wearing sports bras and then found Maidenform Girl which didn't give her too much padding, but gave more modesty. Another customer said it had been a hassle to find bras that fit her and covered without bulk. After finding Maidenform Girl bras she said it was perfect because the padding didn't make her look like a fraud and the bra came with transparent straps, which she loved.

Maidenform Girl is the perfect first bra for tweens and teenagers. The fun colors and comfortable fit will help them easily get used to wearing a bra on a daily basis. You only get your first bra once. Make it a special one with Maidenform Girl.