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Understanding the magic of Icebreaker means first understanding the power of their force created by merino wool. The merino is one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep. Merinos live in the New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Merino wool is breathable in summer and insulating in winter. The feel of the clothing they produce is soft and featherweight. Icebreaker combines merino with traditional wool, synthetics and cotton to bring you a soft, non-irritating fabric. It's anti-odor to keep you fresh and breathable to keep you going.  Icebreaker brings men clothing they will love for the comfort and also looks fashionable.

Icebreaker started in 1994 when a young man, Jeremy Moon living in New Zealand came across his girlfriend's new discovery. She introduced Moon to Brian Brackenridge, a merino sheep farmer in New Zealand, who gave Moon a t-shirt made from 100% merino wool. Moon began designing this lighweight, soft clothing right in his bedroom. Today the brand has grown to over 43 countries and produces underwear, mid layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories for men, women and kids. In 2010, Icebreaker launched a revolutionary performance base layer product called Icebreaker GT that combined premium merino with Lycra spandex for high performance wear. The New Zealand Equestrian Team and Paralympic Team trained in Icebreaker for the 2012 Olympics in London. It's also a popular brand for those in the Tour de France.

Icebreaker prides themselves in producing merino wool in an ethical way. Merino sheep live free range and the growers must meet strict welfare guidelines. The sheep are treated almost as pets and are always given the utmost respect. Once a year the merino sheep come down form the mountains to be shorn. Merino wool is great for year-round because they have a light, breathable coat that keeps them cool in the summer and they grow an extra layer of wool in the winter over their base coat so they can roam through fields of ice and snow. It also has SPF protection to keep you protected during the scorching heat.

One way Icebreaker sets the bar high for its standards to produce the best, high quality clothing for you is with Baacode. In 2008, Icebreaker introduced Baacode, a system that enables you to trace every step of your piece of clothing's evolution. Each will have a label bearing a Baacode number where you are able to trace the merino fiber in the garment back to the sheep stations where it was grown.
Icebreaker designers want you to think of their active wear as a second skin. You will feel comfortable and ready to face the day in your Icebreaker gear. All of the fashions fight odor, are anti-microbial, dry quickly, are breathable and regulate to your temperature in all climates. Shop HisRoom for the latest styles by Icebreaker.