Hurley Clothing for Men
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Whether you're an active surfer or just play one in your dreams, Hurley boardshorts and other sports underwear will have you looking and feeling like a beach boy. Developed by a leader in the silver age of the surf culture, Bob Hurley, back when surfing and modern swimwear were familiar to the world, but were, The boardshorts have features that are appreciated by both men and boys who take their outdoor play seriously. Each Hurley style is produced in both mens and boys sizes, so if your boy wants to look just like dad he totally can!

Hurley boardshorts are extremely durable and yet lightweight. The legs are longer than other brands to match the look of today, more importantly what surfers want to look like. In the past the legs were shorter because the stiff fabric that was used to make boardshorts wouldn't yield to your movements. Nowadays that isn't an issue. Hurley combines recycled polyester with a generous amount of spandex to produce a fabric with plenty of stretch that won't hinder your movements. Other innovations that Hurely has developed and introduced to their men's swimwear is their patented EZ fly closure, which uses a stretch soft fabric panel, replacing velcro and button closures that can be uncomfortable and difficult to use. The cargo pocket, found on most styles, has a mesh-covered opening, a gromit or port, making it easy for water to drain. If the cargo pocket is built into the side of the leg then its interior is made of mesh material to achieve the same result. Hurley's design and look is a direct response to what its team of designers saw as a shift in surf culture back in the mid-90's. As a result, the boardshorts Hurley produces are offered in vibrant patterns and colors, reflecting a young culture of surf, music, skate, art, fashion and beach that has not only kept up with, but influenced the trends and feel of today's surfers and culture. The Hurley Phantom has won the SEMA Image Award for best boardshort five years in a row.

The company history goes back to the surfing world of Southern California in the late 1970's. Bob Hurley and his company, Hurley Surfboards, built premium surfboards when they became interested in the Australian clothing line Billabong. They saw what Billabong was doing and decided it was exactly what Amercian surfers were looking for, but didn't have. In 1982, Hurley made a licensing deal and created Billabong USA. It caught on almost immediately by filling a gap in men's swimwear that hadn't existed in the American market. In spite of the brand's success, Hurley and his team felt another shift in the surf culture market--modern surfers also loved to skate, snowboard and embraced fashion and music in a way previous generations hadn't. The surfer culture had changed. With the shift, Hurley separated from Billabong and created its own brand. Hurley nows offers swimwear lines for men, women and boys. With construction details that high-energy sports demand and style that is fresh and modern, Hurley boardshorts and mens swimwear are popular with everyone who enjoys an active beach lifestyle.