Falke Clothing for Men
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Falke dresses men in elegance and style while still maintaining comfort, offering innovative designs and quality at the highest level. Falke's culture is based not only on quality, but also luxury without excess. Falke is devoted to providing stylish fashion hosiery to modern men with high standards. These men aspire to revel in the pleasure of knowing they are wearing handcrafted finery that is not only tasteful but also made with fine quality materials like merino wool and cotton. These valuable material combinations ensure the highest level of comfort. Falke's designers promise their socks and other pieces are unlike any other in the market. You'll experience the perfect merger of design and function in your favorite colors. Whether you're wearing Falke's over the calf or short socks you'll appreciate the lack of pressure points and the quality of the reinforced toes and heels. Each piece is given special attention so men can go from playing sports to an office meeting and even the airport. In addition, Falke socks are sized, which gives them a unique fit. No matter what you are doing, Falke is going to do its part to be functional and fashionable. 

Falke began in 1895, and has been dressing men in style and comfort for over 100 years. Franze Falke began his company by producing two dozen socks daily. Of course, today production is a whole other story, but it just proves Falke started from scratch before booming into a huge company. Many products are still made right in Germany, keeping the roots of the Falke family strong. Subsequent generations ensure the highest quality and performance of their socks. Their hard work over the years has paid off as Falke is now known all around the world.

Falke socks come in versatile styles. Some are dressy, some are fun and some are basic for everyday wear. Most are made from a velvety soft cotton knit. The Falke Airport Sock and Berlin Sock are even made for colder days with a combination of wool and cotton.  The cotton-rich Sensitive collection offers dress socks with a soft, fluffy feel, and stylish design. Whether you prefer solid colors, stripes, or traditional foulard patterns, Falke socks will meet your needs. The sports line and other Falke socks are featured in 'Runner's World' and 'Bicycling SA.'

Falke designers aim to help men enjoy life without worry about their socks not fully functioning or not being stylish. With Falke they can work hard and play harder. Falke designers know men might not be quite as concerned about the looks of their socks and underwear, but they definitely want to feel comfortable and supported throughout the day. The fashionable, fun prints and colors just add to the excitement Falke brings to men.

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