Everyday Sunday

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Everyday Sunday is a legacy brand that was founded in Montreal in 2014. Nasri International, the parent company, designs, imports and distributes clothing for the entire family. Everyday Sunday is their exclusive brand for quality swimwear that is available in boutiques and retail stores all across Canada and the United States. 

Nasri sisters Ranya, Nathalie and Jasmine, and brother Elie, travel frequently for design and lifestyle inspiration, and especially work to keep the customer's wants and needs in mind. Nasri International has over twenty years of experience in producing quality, fashionable swimwear that speaks to the modern woman's swimsuit aspirations.  

The Everyday Sunday logo consists of a graphic of a turtle's shell, which embodies slow, yet confident movement on land and sea. Evident in all cultures, the turtle has a friendly, stress-free vibe. This creature is strong, vital and serene, living in warm places and carrying its home on its back. 

Now available at HerRoom, Everyday Sunday one-piece swimwear is the product of quality tailoring that's body conscious and features fabric that is soft and feels like a "second skin." Their styles are exclusive, paying attention to design, comfortable wear and versatile wear. 

HerRoom is delighted to present Everyday Sunday to our curated collections of fine swimwear, and know you will be pleased as well.