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What is Empreinte lingerie? The term 'l'empreinte' has a deep, emotional connotation in France that goes well beyond the English version meaning "imprint." The fashion designs of Empreinte adhere to this definition by striving to create bras of the highest quality and beauty for women with large cup sizes. Offered in cup sizes C through H, Empreinte is designed to lift and center the breast for the best support and comfort. A big advantage in the Empreinte collection is bras that fit women with smaller rib cages with larger cups, starting at 30D and going up to 46G, which varies by style. For more than 60 years Empreinte designers have been designing lingerie from the finest European fabrics and embroideries. Empreinte believes every brand should be founded on values, giving deep meaning to the company's initiatives, directions and choices.

“Brands are not born powerful. They grow in time," has been the motto behind Empreinte lingerie designs since 1946. The collection began in the French city of Brest by designer Jean Le Her. Working with just four seamstresses in postwar France, they became successful enough in only a year to expand the company. Empreinte innovated the styles of bras by launching a deeper cup in the 1950s. The innovation of this revolutionary life effect positioned the collection as the leader in larger cup sizes in the lingerie market. With research and development, Empreinte is still going strong over 60 years later. They just began using Guipure embroidery, which is not embroidered on mesh, but on paper that disappears when chemicals are applied. The designers say it took 18 months and 40 versions to get the correct yarn tension to provide the support needed for full-busted women.

Though they are known for their bras, Empreinte lingerie also has an amazing line of panties for women. The supportive, comfortable and sexy panty is made with the same goal in mind as the bras. Empreinte wants every woman to feel enticing. The functionality and comfort of bras prove that Empreinte understands the full-figured woman's needs. Styles range from seamless to deep plunge and low neck. Extra touches of lace and floral embroidery on many Empreinte pieces adds that special touch of luxury to your day. A seam-free, invisible lace is now on the racks to add to this extra look and feel of luxury.

Empreinte is credited with changing the world of full-figure lingerie, but they are also recognized in other ways. In 2011 Empreinte received Designer of the Year at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. Designers said the award proved they didn't have to go across the world to produce luxury and comfort for women wearing Empreinte designs.

Women who wear Empreinte bras, panties, or swimwear say the best thing about the collection is just that: luxury and comfort. One woman said she was frustrated with trying to find a sexy bra that would fit her comfortably, but not make her feel frumpy. She said when she finally found an Empreinte bra, her entire wardrobe changed, as she finally felt at home with a piece of lingerie.

Empreinte gives choices of fabrics, lace and embroidery to those that wear it. Making women look and feel great can be a part of daily life with this collection. Full-busted women don't have to worry about not making an imprint on the world with Empreinte.