Definition:  Element: (n) The situation in which you are happiest and most effective.  "In your element."

ELEMENT(O)S BRAZIL:  The underwear in whcih you are sexiest and most comfortable.  "In your Element(o)s.

ELEMENT(O)S BRAZIL is an innovative and revolutionary concept in mens underwear.  Element(o)s  Brazil gives male underwear a whole new meaning and brings a man's masculinity and sexy appeal to a whole new level.  Men can now find underwear that is masculine, very sexy and extremely comfortable.

Every piece is prepared in Brazil, using the highest quality eco-friendly fabrics.  ELEMENT(O)S BRAZIL mens underwear is manufactured with the highest standards to the environment and it's workers--in compliance with fair trade standards set by factories and providers.

ELEMENT(O)S BRAZIL is underwear turned into art, because "The beauty is all inside."

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