Commando Lingerie for Women
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HerLook presents The Commando Collection at, proving that the quest for invisible underwear has been achieved. Simplicity of design and a patented, luxurious nylon and Spandex fabric in nude give this collection a unique look and smooth, comfortable feel. HerLook Commando panties and thongs are low-rise and made without elastic. The fabric and cut of the briefs achieve their purpose without elastic.The Commando tank is invisible under most clothing.

Where did this idea of invisible underwear start?  Well, think about the TV show "Friends."  Remember the episode where Joey stated he was going commando?  When Kerry O'Brien watched while sitting in her NYC apartment, it was the seed that led her to leave New York and head back to Vermont to develop her idea of underwear that would really make you look like you were going commando. Kerry quickly came up with the mission statement that is still used today: Banishing visible panty lines, fighting muffin hips, boosting busts, creating cleavage and fixing fashion.

Commando by HerLook is known now around the world for creating a high quality product in panties and their hosiery line.  And the packaging can't be missed - hot pink squares that just make you want to pick it up. Though many times imitated, there is nothing like the original Commando.  The best sellers include the Commando low-rise thong and Commando low-rise boyshort that both come in a rainbow of colors.

Included in the line is a handy box by HerLook, the maker of Takeouts. What's in the box? Clear, natural-feeling silicone inserts for a bra, plus a pair of Commando invisible underwear. Takeouts, with the slogan A Better Boob Job, claims to add a full cup size to your bust line with this product. Try this exceptional line of products at today.