Andres Sarda

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From manufacturing lace mantillas at the end of the 19th century to being worn by 21st century pop icons like Lady Gaga and Shakira, Andres Sarda designs have remained ever popular. Jacqueline Kennedy was shown on the cover of Life magazine in one of the Sarda mantillas. In the 1960's, Andres Sarda, the son of the founder, broke stereotypes by designing flattering fashions with the help of technical breakthroughs like Lycra spandex. All of this while in the midst of oppression and political turmoil in Spain.

In the 1970's, Andres shows off his first swim and beach wear collection, using his knowledge of lingerie, and gaining momentum with new gains in freedom of the women's movement. Artist David Hamilton lent his interpretations of the Sarda campaigns in pastel-hued portraits that were delicate and sweet, echoing the fashion designer's aesthetics, bringing even more world-wide acclaim. The Andres Sarda collections grace the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain, twice a year.

In 1996, Nuria Sarda, Andres's daughter joined the designing team, and working closely with her father, she became the company's Creative Director. In 2019, Andres Sarda died in Barcelona, Spain, at 90 years of age. Nuria Sarda continues the family legacy in bringing beauty and self-confident fashions to women worldwide. Andres Sarda is now a brand name of Van de Velde NV, a publicly listed stock under Belgian law.

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