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Bike underwear is specifically designed for the athletic man. The Bike jock, compressions shorts are all very functional garments geared towards increasing your performance and comfort.

For over 150 years, BIKE has been making protective products. Originally designed for bicycle messengers who had to ride over the rough Boston cobblestones, the company was originally called the BIKE Web Company, later changed to the BIKE Athletic Company.  Boy and men athletes everywhere just call it BIKE.  Having sold over 350 million jockstraps over the decades, BIKE is the most instantly recognizable brand of protective gear in the country. It's found in the locker rooms of professional teams and youth sports, and is especially popular among athletes who play high-impact sports.

BIKE makes protective products for both men and boys. Their youth products include cotton strap supporters, performance boxers that include a protective cup and high performance jock straps with cups. Men's products include performance boxers with the Proflex Max cup, compression shorts and cotton strap supporters.

All BIKE products are made of moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials, designed to keep the athlete cool and dry. Their compression shorts have a unique two-way stretch, which protects against muscle strain and fatigue and provides uniform pressure on major muscles. And, of course, all BIKE products boldly display the logo front and center, making the brand one of instant recognition. Athletes and coaches alike, across the United States, trust the BIKE brand to offer maximum protection, no matter how rough-and-tumble the sport.

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