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Zimmerli Pique Como Trunk 1861424
Zimmerli Pique Como Trunk
The Zimmerli Pique Como Trunk 1861421 is a fantastic pair of trunks with a pique-knit fabric body. Zimmerli's Pique Como Trunk is made of a blend of cotton and modal for an ultralight feel and softness with elastane for a great fit.
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Zimmerli of Switzerland calls its underwear the world's finest for men and women for a reason. Zimmerli men's underwear is made with only the finest natural fibers - cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere. A favorite among celebrities, Zimmerli sets the standard for quality, fit and comfort. Every last piece of Zimmerli underwear is constructed in Coldrerio, Switzerland, and all of Zimmerli's fabrics are culled and produced to Zimmerli's exacting specifications and methods so that the end result is the finest cotton products available anywhere. Zimmerli produces a full line of underwear basics in various fabric collections, such as the Richelieu Rib Fabric 207, Business Class 220, Pure Comfort 1721, and Royal Classic Fabric 252.

Zimmerli is a 130-year old company, but its methods are cutting edge and address many contemporary problems. All Zimmerli underwear conforms to the Oeko Tex 100 Standard. If you have yet to try what has been touted as "the world's finest underwear" then you really must try it to experience it. Choose your favorite underwear silhouette of briefs, boxer briefs, trunks and boxers from several of Zimmerli of Switzerland's wonderful fabric collections.

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