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Munsingwear Underwear since 1886

Munsingwear Underwear has been around for years, and is truly a men's underwear icon.  Munsingwear, Inc. was originally  based in Minneapolis back in 1886 and was then called the Northwestern Knitting Company.  Back during the gold rush years, something called a union suit was the preferred underwear by men.  You've probably seen union suits in movie Westerns - a one piece long john with a drop seat on the back. Well, Munsingwear was the inventor/manufacturer of this garment and thus became famous as the men's underwear manufacturer of its day.

In 1919, the Munsingwear name was turned into a brand, and the company also started making silk hosiery around 1923 when it opened up a plant in Rogers, Minnesota. By 1956, the Munsingwear plant was employing about 200 people.

Munsingwear proved to be an innovator in men's underwear when it designed and developed the Munsingwear brief, with its unique kangaroo pouch crotch design.  No other underwear manufacturer has this crotch design, with the opening  along the top instead of along the side.  This design has given Munsingwear a loyal following over the years, and elevated their slogan: 'Munsingwear is the New American Classic.'

Today, when you purchase a Munsingwear underwear piece, be it a t-shirt, brief, boxer brief, thermal underwear, long johns, tank or crew neck mens t-shirts, you will be assured that the garment is soft, made with pre-shrunk cotton, has the kangaroo or 'top-exit' front fly, uses a plush-back waistband, and pretty much only comes in one color --white.  There are no fashion colors with this brand, or fancy design options.  HisRoom carries every item Munsingwear makes; and it's only 12 items. Today, however, in order to keep costs down, the Munsingwear brand is no longer made in America, but instead off-shore.  But, the quality standards have not changed.

In May of 2010, Munsingwear experienced a strike in its major plant.  Consequently, Munsingwear pulled production, out of concern for quality. A new plant was found, but Munsingwear felt it was more important for the new factory to be properly trained before going into full-scale production.  The consequence was a world-wide shortage of Munsingwear product.  Their decision paid off, because they found that their customers did not abandon them.  Instead, customers willingly got on wait lists, and when the product became available again, purchased their product.  A true testament to the quality and commitment of the Munsingwear brand.

The Munsingwear brand is now owned by Penguin Munsingwear Clothing Group, which is a division of Perry Ellis International. Munsingwear has definitely stood the test of time.  It is a brand that is well-respected, and not just because of the garments it makes.  Munsingwear is also a sporting events sponsor.  In fact, one of its golf tournaments received international recognition when a 15 year-old high school student won the tournament.

So, Munsingwear underwear for men revolutionized the men's fashion industry. Munsingwear has proven its ability to maximize market share with the Munsingwear kangaroo pouch. And their Munsingwear briefs have a brand loyal following. As their slogan states: 'Munsingwear is the New American Classic.'

In May ot 2011, the Minnesota History Center opened an exhibit entitled "Underwear: A Brief History" in conjunction with the release of the book "In the Mood for Munsingwear."  The exhibit feataures 50 pieces of Munsingwear history including the famous union suit, Vassarette labeled women's garments, men's briefs and varous photos and historical advertising.