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Diesel Seaside Cotton Stretch Swim E-Shorts SP8KAKY
Diesel Seaside Cotton Stretch Swim E-Shorts
The Diesel Seaside Cotton Stretch Swim E-Short SP8KAKY features contrast piping and built-in mesh lining. Diesel's Seaside Cotton Stretch Swim E-Short is made of Cotton/Nylon.
$60.00 Now: $24.95
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Bright outbursts of color combined with wild patterns and soft fabrics is what Diesel brings to the men who wear it. Women have so many choices of elegant or fun underwear, and for so long men were stuck with boring tighty whities. Diesel put a stop to this fashion nonsense. Since 1978, Diesel has brought men's underwear to another level. The exotic colors and designs cover most of the collections. From bright neon colors and stripes to funny sayings and the broad, wide waistband with the Diesel logo, every piece is designed to be far from ordinary. The cotton and spandex fabrics guarantee a comfortable fit as well. Diesel doesn't just stop at unique underwear. They offer soft, full-of-personality sleepwear t-shirts and pants, swimwear and other accessories for men. All Diesel products are made with the thought that every man should feel above the crowd in his fun, personally chosen underwear. They can be wearing a tuxedo, but if they are wearing a wild-patterned brief under it, it will bring a sexy smile to their face. Diesel dresses the ordinary man in extraordinary fashion and comfort.

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