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2(x)ist men's underwear goes way beyond standard men's underwear styles. Their boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, thongs and t-shirts have become known for style, edginess and sophistication. Contour pouches, precise sizing and superior fabrics make 2(x)ist a trend-setter in the market and a go-to brand for celebrities, athletes and men of many different generations. The fit and comfort of 2(x)ist's designs will change the way you feel about how important your underwear is to the success of each day. A better fit and a higher level of comfort means you don't have to give your underwear a second thought, and 2(x)ist achieves this by staying on top of the next and best trends in men's fashion, design, production and fabrics. Discover the difference and exist on a higher level with 2(x)ist.

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2xist Active Core
Active Core by 2xist
6 styles

2xist Barcode
Barcode by 2xist
3 styles

2xist Electric Core
Electric Core by 2xist
2 styles

2xist Essentials
Essentials by 2xist
17 styles

2xist Form
Form by 2xist
8 styles

2xist Graphic Cotton
Graphic Cotton by 2xist
2 styles

2xist Lift
Lift by 2xist
2 styles

2xist Performance
Performance by 2xist
5 styles

2xist Pima Cotton
Pima Cotton by 2xist
7 styles

2xist Pima Stretch
Pima Stretch by 2xist
3 styles

2xist Profile
Profile by 2xist
2 styles

2xist Sliq Micro
Sliq Micro by 2xist
1 styles

2xist Speed 2.0
Speed 2.0 by 2xist
3 styles

2xist Stretch
Stretch by 2xist
6 styles

2xist Sunset Palm Trees
Sunset Palm Trees by 2xist
5 styles

2xist Swim
Swim by 2xist
12 styles

2xist Tartan
Tartan by 2xist
2 styles