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Men's T-Shirts


Men's T-Shirts

Men's undershirts and crewneck tshirts have become the standard underwear under polos and dress shirts. Your mens underwear wardrobe needs to be stocked with comfortable basics like tanktops, muscle tee shirts and crewneck tees. HisRoom carries athletic shirts and sleeveless shirts for lightweight comfort. You can find all your men's undershirts right here on our site.

Not all t-shirts/undershirts are the same. Finding the right style and fit for you can be quite a challenge. It can almost be as illusive as your perfect pair of jeans. For something so simple, tshirts have several features that need consideration: the quality of the cotton, the cut, the length and the stretch. I have put together a list of my favorite men's t-Shirts/undershirts, and I'd be surprised if you didn't find one on this list that is right for you.

Mens T-shirts

- The range in quality in mens tshirts is extraordinary. They start with free and zoom up to luxurious pima cotton by Zimmerli and Hanro. With the onslaught of business casual, mens tee shirts have come out of the undershirt drawer and are being worn as outerwear. So no longer do men just have undershirts. Two wardrobes of tshirts are needed for each guy - the undershirt to catch perspiration and peek out from under another shirt, and quality t-shirts to throw on during casual times and under jackets.

Tagless tshirts

- The concept of a t-shirt without a back neck tag was first introduced to us by Hanes and Michael Jordan. Since then tagless tshirts are fast becoming the norm. The information that came on a tag is now being fused or ironed on the inside of mens tshirts and undershirts to alleviate the scratching and fashion faux pas of peeking out at the neck. Make sure when you buy tagless undershirts and tshirt that the information does not show throw your tee when wearing it.


- Men's undershirts should be different from men's tshirt or tee collection. Why? Because undershirts serve a different purpose and thus should have different features, cuts and fabrics. The goal of an undershirt is to grab perspiration and body oil thus protecting the outer garment such as a dress shirt or jacket. To that end, an undershirt should be absorbent, form-fitting and with the right neckline - crew neck or v-neck - depending on whether or not you want it to show. An undershirt can also serve as an additional layer for warmth. Therefore, it can be long sleeve. Eventually, undershirts will become yellow and dingy. When this happens, they should be tossed and replaced.

Tank Tops

- The tank top tee-shirt silhouette has seen a rise in popularity. Perhaps for two reasons: it shows off a man's arms, and it looks better under shirts. Body conscious men like to work out in tank tops because it is minimal coverage while at the same time totally exposing their arms. Wearing a tanktop under a dress shirt - especially a white one - avoids that silly short sleeve live along the arm.
There have been recent variations to the traditional tank top tee shirt. 2xist came out with its 3127 square cut tank top. Rapper 50 Cent turned it into his uniform, and it's popularity went through the roof. This t-shirt is now copied and made in every imaginable fabrication.

The tank top has also taken on the name of muscle shirt. With even lower cut armholes and necline, the muscle shirt is an adaptation of the tanktop. It comes in many colors and has become part of the street culture fashion. It can also be seen in gyms where the silhouette is made in high-performance fabrics that wick moisture away

To help you build your undershirt and tshirt wardrobes, below is a quick list of the different styles, and manufacturers who carry them:
  • Crew-Neck T-shirts

    - Every brand including Hanes, Calvin Klein, Munsingwear and Zimmerli
  • V-Neck T-shirts

    - 2xist, Schiesser, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klien and more.
  • Long Sleeve T-shirts

    - Helly Hansen, DKNY, Adam+Eve, Hot Chillys, RIPS and more.
  • Multi Pack T-shirts

    - Hanes, Calvin Klein, 2xist, Munsingwear, Ecko, Champion and more.
  • Sleeveless T-shirts

    - Tommy Hilfiger, Grigioperla, Calvin Klein, RIPS, Guy Laroche, Helly Hansen, DKNY, puma, Ecko and Champion.
  • Tank Tops

    - All brands including Cin2, Grigioperla, Puma, 2xist, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss.

Shop, compare, and save gas. HisRoom also offers free shipping on mens t-shirts and undershirts.

V-neck? T-neck?Tank style? Short-sleeved? So many shirts to choose from. If you want some guidance making a selection, check out the Undies Award winners to see what's been voted the best by consumers. This annual program gives men the last word by giving them a chance to vote on their favorite styles. See the Undies Award winners for favorite t-shirt as well as HisRoom 'select' choices. And remember to cast your vote in the next Undies Award campaign.


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