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Mansilk- it's silk, for men. But who doesn't love the impeccable softness of silk fabric? Men certainly do. Silk boxer shorts have been made for decades now, and they're just as popular now as they were then, and up until now that has been the only way to enjoy the softness of silk as underwear for men. Until now. Mansilk has perfected silk knit fabric, an alternative to the woven silk fabric used to make silk boxers, which offers the same close fit and support as a pair of briefs, boxer briefs, or thongs. It's a great innovation, but that doesn't mean that Mansilk doesn't still produce the silk boxers, silk pajamas, and silk robes that Mansilk has made for years that men still clamor for. Imagine the incredible comfort of wearing nothing but silk- layers and layers of silk. Well you don't have to imagine because you can buy silk briefs or trunks to go under your silk boxers, which can go under your silk pants in either jacquard stripes or a knit paisley pattern, which go with your silk pajama top, which can go under your silk robe! Luxuriate in the feel of silk in either silk underwear or silk sleepwear. Mansilk is  brought to you by the same manufacturer as the popular Mary Green line.

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Mansilk Paisley Jacquard
Paisley Jacquard by Mansilk
1 styles

Mansilk Silk Knit
Silk Knit by Mansilk
2 styles

Mansilk Silk Satin
Silk Satin by Mansilk
1 styles

Mansilk Stripe Jacquard
Stripe Jacquard by Mansilk
1 styles


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