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This beloved American brand has been dressing men in underwear, t-shirts and socks for generations. Men rely on the high-quality fabrics, comfortable construction, durability and value of the brand. Collections span a wide range of sizes and styles, so men of all shapes, sizes and taste can find exactly the right pieces. And convenient multi-packs make it easy to stock up.
Hanes X-Temp Black Performance Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack UPB1B3
Hanes X-Temp Black Performance Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack
The Hanes X-Temp Black Performance Boxer Briefs- 3 Pack UPB1B3 is ideal to wear when it comes to life's uncomfortable moments. Hanes' X-Temp Black Performance Boxer Briefs- 3 Pack is made of polyester.
$32.00 Now: $22.40
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30% Off Today

About Hanes


Hanes underwear is the industry leader with more than half of America owning at least one piece of Hanes underwear. It's no wonder- Hanes has a fantastic line of basics, and several enduring collections that address comfort, fit, and appearance that will satisfy whatever need a man may have. Hanes briefs, boxers and boxer briefs feature simple, classic cuts and styles. It's why Hanes remains one of today's top sellers, available in fine department stores and respected chains and in some cases the exclusive underwear brand that a store brand carries. The reason for that is clear: what more could you need than Hanes underwear? Hanes t-shirts, underwear and athletic wear have been worn beneath dress shirts and in casual settings for decades, and that won't change anytime soon. Men and women alike have trusted Hanes for over a hundred years. The quality of the fabric and construction at a great price point has ensured a loyal fanbase for deacades. To further build on that legacy Hanes introduced their now-popular ComfortSoft line that fills in where its basics may leave off with a trusted and sought after line of boxer briefs, briefs, boxers, and undershirts. Hanes has it all. Chances are you've known that at one point in time, and if you've forgotten it then take this chance to find out all over again. Experience the comfort and quality of Hanes by shopping HisRoom's selection underwear and undershirts.

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